House and Building Washing

A full house washing service, we can wash down the entire exterior of your house. Perfect if you are preparing your house for sale or it’s just time to get it done.


Paths all have a build up of grime and dirt, whether they are in the sun or in shade. Our water blasting can clean the paths around your house or section to give them a new lease on life


There is nothing worse than a deck that is slippery due to the build up of grime. When your deck is starting to turn green, you know it’s time to get it cleaned.


We can help with fence cleaning. If you are preparing a fence for repainting or if vandals have “decorated” it for you, our team can come and get it back to the shape you want it in.


Oil posts and other discolourations that happen over time. We can get your driveway back to it’s original condition so you can be proud of it again.


Having trees around is one of the great things about living in New Zealand, but the leaves and detritus left behind can cause all sorts of problems, We can get them cleaned for you, so you don’t have to worry.


Are you getting your roof repainted? Or is it getting covered with dirt and losing it’s colour. Let us help you get it back in tip top shape.


Stripping down machinery can require some heavy duty cleaning. Come and talk to us and we can help make those tricky cleaning jobs easy.

Moss/Lichen Control

Moss and Lichen can be difficult to remove from all sorts of places around your house. Our waterblasting team can get it sorted for you, so you can get on with other more enjoyable things.