Fence Wash


Fence Wash

Transform your fence by getting our team to remove all the built-up surface dirt and moss with our fence pressure washing service.

Whether you need a timber or metal fence pressure washed, our experienced team can come and complete a soft wash or hard wash on your whole fence or even just a section.

We can wash all the hard-to-reach places on your fence by using our long water blasting extension or we can remove the overgrown vines and trees from the fence line before we wash, leaving you with a clear fence line which ensures we can wash all the spots on the fence.

Staining or repainting your fence?

A good fence wash before you stain your fence will ensure that the wood can absorb the stain and result in the stain protecting the fence for a longer period of time.

Likewise, if you have paint or stain already on your fence and need to recoat it, a waterblast before the fresh coat will prevent the paint/stain from sticking to the dirt and chipping off.

With all this in mind, booking our team is easy.

We can come any time during the week across the Auckland region to make quick work of your fence washing needs.

Choose from our natural non-chemical fence wash or for dirt heavy areas, go with our chemical
fence wash.

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