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Auckland water blasting services provides water blasting and pressure washing for residential and commercial properties Auckland wide

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Water Blasting Services in Auckland

Our pressure washing specialists use modern and professional water blasting machinery for the best exterior clean your property will ever have.

Our water blasting services clean homes, schools, businesses, churches and more!


For all your pressure washing Services


Commercial / Residential

We are your local pressure washing company that washes and cleans properties for businesses, organizations and residential owners, catering to a wide variety of different properties and projects.

Driveway Washing

Driveway Wash

With our specialized equipment our driveway waterblast is quick and provides you with the best solution to remove the oil and dirt build up that sits on the concrete and bricks.

Deck and patio Wash

Deck and patio Wash

Our team removes all the grime, moss and slim from your deck and patio, leaving it looking brand new.

Warehouse Wash

Warehouse Wash

Our warehouse power wash transforms any building leaving the walls and floors clean.
Transform your work place environment with our warehouse power wash, that removes that hard grease and dirt from your floors and walls.

House Washing and Blasting

House wash

We keep your property looking bright and maintained by washing all the mould, dirt, and moss off your home and water blasting all those hard-to-reach places.

Fence Washing

Fence washing

Help preserve and bring back to life any timber fence with our fence water blasting service.
Help preserve the look of any timber fence with our fence water blasting service.


Graffiti removal

Restore the look of your property by getting our team in to wash all the nasty graffiti off your fence or wall.

Other Services We Provide

On Top Of Your Water Blasting Services

Busy lives require time effective solutions. That’s where we come in, our team not only provides you with pressure washing but can also provide you with other essential external property services

As we are part of the Williams property service group, we can undertake your whole project from start to finish.

We provide services such as gardening, rubbish removal, section clearing, timber fencing and handyman services that you can add on to your water blasting service.  

Whether you are putting your property up for sale, completing a garden makeover or if you just need a pressure wash and your rubbish pile picked up. We can cater to all your water blasting and property service needs.

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Over 20 years’ experience

We take pride in our technicians having the skills and specialised equipment to have your property looking new again.

Friendly Professional Team

Our trustworthy motivated team will get your property washed safely and efficiently.

Cost Effective

We provide you with amazing results as we hold our team to high workmanship standards, meaning your property will get the transformation it needs for at an affordable price.

Over 20 Years of Experience in Water Blasting and Cleaning

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