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Commercial / Residential

Our pressure washing services caters to both residential and commercial properties.
From organizations such as churches, schools, businesses or club buildings to houses, guest homes and sheds; we can wash it all.

Whether you are putting your property up for sale or needing the building cleaned before a big event, our team uses the industry’s best equipment to get your building looking spotless.
We can wash your walls, doors, gutters, windows, outdoor furniture, bins, pathways, driveways and  warehouse concrete floors.

Every building needs to be washed at least once every two – three years to remove built up dirt,
moss or even mold. This will help prevent people inside the building developing respiratory
problems and will make the building look clean and inviting to your guests.
Let our experienced team take on the job while you sit back and relax.
Pick from our chemical or non-chemical wash.

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Driveway Wash

Your driveway can accumulate many layers of dirt and grime over the years, leaving your driveway discolored and looking old.

Our pressure washing service can remove all the built-up dirt using our professional surface cleaner machine that leaves a great finish.


Deck & Patio Wash

Prevent slips and get that deck looking new again with our deck and patio pressure washing service.

When your deck is layered with built-up moss and dirt, it can be dangerous to walk on as the grime makes it easier for you to slip and fall. To prevent slips like this, our team can come and remove all the grime with our deck washing service.


Warehouse Wash

Got a warehouse or a small business building that needs a clean?

We provide extensive warehouse washes throughout the Auckland Region.


House Wash

The soft wash your house has been needing!

Our soft house wash gently removes dirt, mold and moss from your walls, leaving your home


Fence Wash

Transform your fence by getting our team to remove all the built-up surface dirt and moss with our fence pressure washing service.

Whether you need a timber or metal fence pressure washed, our experienced team can come and complete a soft wash or hard wash on your whole fence or even just a section.


Graffiti Wash

Discovering graffiti on your fence can be frustrating, especially if your fence gets targeted quite
often because it lines a public space.

Our team can come and pressure wash your fence or building, removing the graffiti and washing away any old moss or dirt as well.

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