Graffiti Removal


Graffiti Removal

Discovering graffiti on your fence can be frustrating, especially if your fence gets targeted quite often because it lines a public space.

Our team can come and pressure wash your fence or building, removing the graffiti and washing away any old moss or dirt as well.

With the right pressure and our professional equipment, our team makes quick work of the graffiti removal.

We also offer a chemical or non-chemical graffiti removal wash, depending on the surface and your preference.

Graffiti needs to be removed as quickly as possible so it doesn’t become permanent, therefore, if you need a graffiti wash, we are the company for you, as we try to fit in our graffiti washes in the next day or two after you call.

Graffiti can be quite challenging to get off depending on the type of surface it has been sprayed on, how long it has been on the surface and if it has penetrated multiple layers.

In the case that the pressure wash cannot remove the graffiti, our team will recommend other solutions to remove or cover the graffiti.

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