Deck and Patio Wash


Deck and Patio Wash

Prevent slips and get that deck looking new again with our deck and patio pressure washing service.

When your deck is layered with built-up moss and dirt, it can be dangerous to walk on as the grime makes it easier for you to slip and fall. To prevent slips like this, our team can come and remove all the grime with our deck washing service.

Our team will make your deck shine after we have finished pressure washing with our specialized water blasting machines. Choose from our chemical or non-chemical deck wash and then add a patio wash if needed to complete the look.

Another reason to get your deck and patio washed is if you are repainting or staining it.

So before you repaint or stain your deck & patio, let our team wash away all the dirt so that the paint and stain adhere to the deck properly and prevent the repaint/ stain looking patchy. Leaving a smooth, long-lasting finish.

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