Waterblast FAQ

When is the best time to get my house exterior clean?

With Auckland’s build–up of grime, salt and mould due to the coastal environment and pollen in the air, it’s best to get the house washed before winter, but it does depend on the seasonal weather we have had this year.

Do you use Chemicals?

We use environmental friendly products to keep New Zealand 100% pure.
The chemicals we use will treat your exterior from mould build up, moss and other unwanted growth, this will not hurt any plants or living creatures alike.

Do I have to be around when the waterblasting is being done?

You don’t have to be, just as long as the property is accessible and all windows are closed.

What services do you provide?

We at Water Blasting Services Auckland specialise only in the following:

  • Fence clean
  • Deck washing/waterblasting
  • Waterblasting concrete paths & driveways
  • Patio clean
  • Housewash (soft pressure)
  • Moss control